Tattoo Tuesday

I love literature. I also love tattoos. Bring the two together and I can spend hours looking at them. So I’ll be sharing literary tattoos on Tuesdays! I’ll be sure to give both the blog I took it from and the author of the post credit.

My favorite literary tattoo blog is Bookworms with Ink on Live Journal. I have it in my GoogleReader and often find myself impressed with the amazing quotes and images people adorn their body with.

In honor of Where the Wild Things Are coming out in theaters this week here is petulant’s Max tattoo originally posted on Bookworms with Ink in August 2009.


I really love this image and placement! She says in the post that she is planning on adding some monsters chasing him when money allows. I’m really excited to see the finished piece 🙂

*I do not own nor do I make any money from posting these pictures. If you want me to take any down, please let me know!


19 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting this blog!! I love love LOVE literary tattoos!! 🙂 too bad im a wuss and still haven’t gotten up the guts to get one.. ahaha

    • I LOVE them too! I have a few, but I want so many more! I’ve only got two more for sure planned, but it will be a little further down the road. What have you thought about getting?

  2. I love Sanskrit but could never find what i wanted… then i found one of my favourite quotes in Sanskrit online earlier this year.. i have been craving it ever since, but am unsure if it is a correct translation (imagine if i got it and it really said something else?!!), also i saw yours and it reaffirmed my love of the written language.. i was reading about it online and apparently they are quite popular now so maybe i can find an artist who knows a bit about it. After looking through this blog now i find myself planning a whole bunch more… ahaha

    • Since mine are all single words, they’ve been easier to translate. I start with and then I research what I find on there. I’m not sure how much that would help with a full line. I would recommend seeing if anyone studying it could help you rather than someone from a tattoo place. For me I do as much research as I can beforehand and once I feel comfortable with it, I go get it. Then I stop looking online. It means what I want it to to me and I really don’t want to know if it’s wrong (don’t misunderstand, I still spend A LOT of time making sure it’s right in the first place lol).

      Are you wanting to get the quote you posted not long after I put my last one on Twitter? I really loved that quote!

  3. Yes thats the one 🙂 i studied Buddhism through my masters degree in semester one this year and it really made a big impact on me, there are several Buddhist quotes that i love but that one really spoke to me the most…. it was a really great subject, not only did i learn a lot about Buddhist history and its origins but i came away with a lot more.. 🙂 i think having that as a tattoo would be a great reminder everyday of what is important.

    • I think that sounds like a wonderful idea for a tattoo! I keep meaning to learn more about Buddhism (and other religions), but I never make the time… I think I saw it as a goal on someone’s list, perhaps I’ll have to steal it 🙂

  4. It’s well worth reading about, its very interesting.. complicated at first but worth the effort.

  5. I love this idea, but I haven’t found what I could apply to me yet. I love looking at them though…it’s very dangerous 🙂

  6. Stacey, i am not religious in the slightest and prefer to go under the term Athiest if i HAVE to be labelled but i love learning about world religions, it is one of the most interesting things i have had the pleasure to study (and i have studied quite a bit, feels like i have been at university forever lol), i say go for it! Buddhism resonates on so many levels for me as i don’t believe in a creator god… that said, i wouldn’t say i follow this philosophy, just that it gave me a lot to think about. Before that i studied the pagan religions of ancient Greece and Rome, also VERY interesting … lol sorry about the long message, i can’t stop when its something i am interested in.

    • I’ve studied Buddhism before when I was in collage I was very interested in it. I’ve also studied a lot of Christianity since that’s how I was raised. I’m also fascinated by it and it’s effect on people and societies down to the basic way they function. I think I’m going to study Judaism next, its a religion that has always been a bit of a mystery, I have only had a few Jewish friends in life and they were all very lax about the practice. I agree with Buddhism resonating well, there are so many parts of it that are just such basic kindness. And I’ve always loved that it’s not dependent on a creator god. I know a lot about the pagan religions but not much it’s on my list as well.

      • EDIT thats supposed to say …I don’t know a lot about pagan…

      • My aunt and uncle are Jewish. I’ve been to one of their daughter’s bat mitzvah. They are Kosher and I know a little about the religion, but I think there is a lot people misunderstand.

    • This is exactly how I feel. I consider myself more agnostic because the scientist in me cannot prove there isn’t a god anymore than you can’t prove there is one… but I find religion fascinating. I think you can believe is some of the concepts without believing in all of it.

  7. Ahh that is still my favorite site to get one (literarytattoos) I check it habitually. No one gets them fast enough for me and I am pretty sure I have finally made my way through the entire archives. Great post!!

    • Ah me too! I spent a good couple days just going through the site. Now it’s in my GoogleReader 🙂 I need to stay away from it though because it makes me want to get more tattoos!

  8. @Tara I think religious misunderstanding is one of the most dangerous things in the world! It seems most people know just info about just enough things to be dangerous!

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