{Review} Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins



Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins was the first book picked for a book club a friend and I started, Books that Bite. After reading the back of the book, I was intrigued and probably would have put it on my to-read list if it hadn’t been picked. However, I had no idea I would it love it this much!

In the future what we know as North America has been devastated by natural disasters and war. This leaves the Capitol to rule over the remaining 12 districts. As a reminder of the Capitol’s power every year they host the Hunger Games. The twelve districts hold a lottery of all boys and girls ages 12-18. One girl and one boy is chosen from each district to compete to the death for entertainment.

We meet Katniss who at the age of 16 is the head of her household. She spends her time hunting and gathering illegally in order to provide for her littler sister and grief-stricken mother. Her worst fears come to life as she hears her little sister’s name called for the Hunger Games. After throwing her self forward and volunteering to take her place, things get worse. A boy who helped her in the past is chosen as the male tribute from her district.

The book was so emotionally charged that I often found myself in tears one second and biting my nails with worry the next. The romance is very PG, but tangled with torn feelings. I was surprised at how violent the book was in parts. I knew it was about fighting and killing, but I thought as a YA book it would gloss over those parts. It didn’t. The author did an amazing job building the characters and leaving you at the edge of your seat. I’m trying to hold out until the library gets the second book in, but I have a feeling I might cave and buy it 🙂

While looking for a picture of the cover, I came across an article claiming that a movie was in the works. Has anyone else heard this?


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  1. I still need to go get this book for book club…I’m fired!

    On another note I love the little box you have for the book info at the top of the review. Very cool!

    • OMG you’re going to love it! The discussion is one week from tomorrow, but I have a feeling you’ll be finishing this as soon as you start it 🙂

      Thanks 🙂

  2. I read about the movie too. I think this is the type of story that would translate really well into film.

  3. I wouldn’t be at all surprised at a movie option, by the time I was 50 pages in I figured one was already in the works.

  4. I agree! Down with the Capitol!

  5. […] of someone else. All in all, it was a minor factor in the overall story. I also having read Hunger Games recently, kept wanting to call Katsa – Katniss and Po – […]

  6. I liked this book, but the second one is even better. I can’t wait to start mockingjay.
    Peeta is so loving…

    Psique @ Book Travels

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