Read-a-Thon Afterthoughts

So I’ve had a nap and some time for the insane amounts of caffeine to leave my brain… time for a Read-a-Thon wrap-up!

  • Number of books read:
    • 3
  • Pages read
    • 1,019
  • Time spent reading
    • 14 hour 50 min
  • What did I do during the rest of the 24 hours?
    • Twitter
    • Mini-Challenges
    • Read Fellow Reader’s Updates
  • What was the best part of the read-a-thon?
    • All the support! I NEVER expected to so much encouragement from friends and fellow book-lovers! It’s really what kept me going. I absolutely LOVE the book community online! What an amazing group of people!!
  • What was the worst part of the read-a-thon?
    • Getting up at 6 am…
    • I have a hard time switching from one series to another. Letting go of the characters is very difficult and while I usually consider that a good thing, it turned out to be the toughest part of reading multiple books in one day.
  • Will I do this again?
    • YES
  • What would I do differently?
    • Go to bed earlier the night before!
    • Start with some light (Harry Potter?) books.
    • Make sure I have enough of one series to just read that later in the day.

2 Responses

  1. I agree that the biggest problem I would also have in reading so many books close together is letting the characters go. When I finish a book it is very rare that I will start another one in the same day.. I like time to think about the characters and digest the story before I move on.

    You must be exhausted! lol

  2. You did an amazing job! And I am with you on going to bed earlier the night before. I foolishly thought I could go out Friday night and be fine waking up early Saturday.

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