Friday Firsts {2}

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[The Story] Falling Star

[Author] Cheyenne Legend

[First Sentences]

One day in the long ago, two young Indian girls were lying on the grass outside their tepee on a warm summer evening. They were looking up into the sky, describing star-pictures formed by their imaginations.

“That is a pretty star. I like that one,” said First Girl.

“I like that one best of all–over there,” Second Girl pointed.

First Girl pointed to the brightest star in the sky and said, “I like the brightest one best of all. That is the one I want to marry.”

Read the rest here –

[Did this make you want to read the rest of the story?]

YES! I love to read Cheyenne stories in general (since it is part of my heritage) but mix that with a story about stars and I’m hooked!


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