What Do My Ratings Really Mean?

My Rating System page will tell you that I follow the rating system used on GoodReads, but that doesn’t really tell you what they mean…

* * * * * – it was amazing!

* * * * – really liked it

* * * – liked it

* * – it was ok

* – didn’t like it

So what do I really mean?

1 star

1 Star means do not bother reading this book. I have no idea how I managed to finish it. I probably was forced to read this by a friend or family member…

2 stars2 Stars means that I had a little problem finishing the book, but I won’t read it again. I’m hesitant to recommend this book. I most likely will not continue the series if this was the first book in it.

2 1/2 Stars means about the same except I might consider reading the next book in the series if there are really good reviews for it.

3 stars

3 Stars means that I liked the book, but will not be purchasing a copy. I’ll recommend it to those who like the same type of books. I won’t reread it unless I feel like I need to before reading the next in the series. I’ll continue the series, but I’m not bothered about having to wait for the next book.

3 1/2 Stars I guess I would have to say this extra half means I’m more likely to pick up the next book in the series or another book by the same author.

4 stars4 Stars I really liked it. I will most likely buy a copy. I will be looking for other books by this author and it will bother me to have to wait to read more in the series. I will recommend this book to everyone.

4 1/2 Stars I basically loved it. I will be buying this book. I’m going nuts waiting for the next in the series. I will reread this book.

5 stars

5 Stars These are very rare because I’m hesitant to give one out and then read something I love more… This means I LOVED the book. I will be buying and rereading it. I will not only recommend this book to others, but force it on them. Don’t be surprised if I get quotes from these books tattooed on me 🙂


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  1. You’ve been splashed!!

    There is an award waiting for you at my blog:


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