Tattoo Tuesday {13} Harry Potter

Do you have a literary tattoo? I’d love to feature it!

Just send me an email with a picture and story behind it.

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As someone who plans on getting a HP tattoo at some point, I am insanely jealous of this week’s featured literary tattoo. mildlyconfused posted her first tattoo on Bookworms with Ink.

After years and years of planning, I have finally found a subject and design for my first tattoo, and had it done on the 30th of December.

Yes, it’s a quote from Harry Potter, and while that is not the main reason why I got it, I am also aware that it is not everybody’s cup of tea around here. Still felt the urge to share.
1) It is a good life motto. I tend to be pessimistic, and it is supposed to remind me that, looking back, everything has turned out just fine for me. More than fine, really.
2) It speaks of my boundless love for storytelling. As a very iconic “Happy ending phrase”, I feel it really is able to stretch and cover the whole awesome canvas that is storytelling culture. I like Jane Austen a lot and whilst skimming through an autobiography of hers, I discovered that I really like her handwriting. I bought that book, typed out the phrase in the infamous online font, and then tweeked and and re-drew it in Illustrator, to give it better flow, resolve keming issues and have it look like actual organic handwriting. That also flows into reason number
3) It looks nice typographically. The upper case A and the ascenders of the double l frame the sentence nicely. I am a graphic Design, Book Arts and Illustration student, so it had to be perfect. And thus, we cut the arc back to Harry Potter because:
4) I have loved Harry Potter for nine years now. They helped me through a rough patch, introduced me to some amazing friends in real life and, most importantly> They got me into drawing. I started drawing at age 16, just because I didn’t like the illustrations then, and I discovered I loved it. So, without Harry Potter, chances are I never would’ve gone on to study Graphic Design, which makes me happy every single day. Except those days that come right before deadlines.

– (source) –

I love the quote, the placement, the font… really I’m insanely jealous and am using all of my self-control to not run out and get another tattoo. Thanks for letting me share your tattoo!!

Do you have a literary tattoo? Please let me know! I’d love to feature you!!


9 Responses

  1. Holy crap, what an awesome tattoo idea! I’m so jealous that I didn’t think of this first!

  2. ughhhhhhh what an amazing tattoo…
    you’re reading Dracula I see?!! I read that last year and loved it…a little tedious at points but so old school creepy.

  3. Thanks for letting me know about the post.
    Feel free to grab the tattoo and run if you really like it that much.

    In any case, thank you. I love it tons, too (healed perfectly).

    • Oooh don’t tempt me! I’ve gotten more tattoos this past year than my husband is comfortable with so I need to take a little bit of break lol… but I’ll definitely keep this in mind!

      Thanks again for letting me feature you!!

  4. I’m getting “it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live” done on my back once i get enough money saved up.

    Dumbledore says it to Harry when he keeps going to the mirror of erised

  5. OMG! I have “All is well” tattooed on the left side of my right index finger with a little lighting bolt. x-] I LOVE this! So much!

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