What Should I Read? {2}

Help me decide what to read!!

Inspired by Reading with Tequila

I’m going to list a few books that I have laying around and YOU vote on what I read & review next. What’s in it for you? Well, aside from helping me out, I’ll also be throwing out some prizes from time to time!

This week it will be a $5 giftcard for Amazon again!

Last week you voted for Fire by Kristin Cashore. You can find my review here!

How do you vote?

Simply fill out the poll!

But don’t forget to leave a comment to enter to win the gift card!

— ends Wednesday 01/20 @ 10:00 pm —

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49 Responses

  1. Elantris, because it is not a vampire book, nor a series. ha.

  2. Interview with a Vampire. Gotta read the classics, man.

  3. Interview! It’s the “classic” (err, well, if you don’t count Dracula, lol).. and then you can watch the film and decide if you like the casting in it (there was so much brouhaha about it at the time).

    • I’m just reading Dracula for the first time now. I’ve seen the Interview with a Vampire movie and loved it. I think it’s been long enough though where I don’t have to worry about it affecting the way I read the book.

  4. I’m most definitely going with Interview With a Vampire!

  5. I voted, and I totally just picked the title I liked best.

  6. I voted for Bitten & Smitten because I really want to read it. I was torn between that and Interview with a Vampire. I liked Interview, but I didn’t love it and I’ve never heard of Elantris.

    • I’ve heard it’s really good and full of sarcastic humor (which I love). I will probably try to read it before too long whether it wins or not 🙂

  7. I voted for “Interview with the vampire” because it’s a classic and anyone who loves vampire fiction should do a decent job of immersing themselves in Anne Rice for a while. Some people would argue you need to read all of her books in order but she just has SO many.. and not all are that great. So I would start with Interview then come back if you liked it so I can tell you which ones are the good ones… 😉 cause I am so right and all.

    • I own the first 4 (I got them in a set a while back)… I’ll def check back with you on what I should pick up next if I like this one 🙂

  8. I haven’t read Interview With a Vampire, but I remember seeing the movie for the first time and being BLOWN away. I was in high school when it was in theaters and it launched an interest in vampire lit for sure. I bet that the book is even better than the movie.

    • I loved the movie too and I think I started to read the book too soon after seeing it. I felt like I already knew what was going to happen and it took away from the story. I’m hoping it’s been long enough for me to give it a second chance. Thank you so much for stopping by and voting!!

  9. Interview with the Vampire, hands down. Greatest. Vampire. Novel. Ever. Even better than Dracula, IMHO.

  10. I loved Interview with a vampire!! Anything by Anne Rice i believe is amazing even her erotica series!

  11. I voted for – Interview with the Vampire.
    Anne Rice revolutionized the vampire story. Most of the vampire novels today might not have been written if it weren’t for her! 🙂

    • I really feel like as a big of a vampire fan as I am, I should read Dracula and Interview with a Vampire… I’m not sure why I’ve put it off for so long.

      • I know some people would shoot me for saying this but Dracula is highly overrated.. now, I know it started the vampire genre and is a classic but I didn’t really like the way it was written… I much prefer Anne Rice.. ok.. bring in the firing squad!!

        • i’d spare you the firing squad. Dracula is very… I don’t know… Old school vampire? I can’t really describe it properly, and you’re right about its style. I think modern readers can also be very jaded about a lot of classical vampire lore. We all know the story… it seems overdone at this point… which is why people sometimes will skip over the Interview novel if they’ve seen the film adaptation. It’s great Tara’s even thinking about going back and giving it another chance! That’s not easy (I’m doing that with the His Dark Materials series myself)
          Anyway – it’s definitely not a firing squad worthy offense in my book!

          • I’m wanting to read Dracula just to have read it. I do like it so far, but is very hard to get into due to the writing style. I’m lucky to have the 1901 version that was abbreviated by Bram Stoker (even he realized that Dracula was too wordy!).

            I have a hard time reading books after having seen the movie so Interview will be a challenge. I’ve purposely not watched the His Dark Materials movies so I can read the books first 🙂

  12. I voted:) Please enter me. Thanks!

  13. I voted for Interview with a Vampire!

  14. Voted for Interview with a Vampire… haven’t read it, but I hear it’s a classic and you can’t go wrong with it – if you like vampires, that is.

  15. I voted for Interview with a Vampire because it’s a classic and because it’s a book I’ve yet to read!

    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  16. Have you read Shades of Grey yet?! I voted Elantris but mostly because I want to read it. Interview with a Vampire was pretty good.

    • I have not… The poor thing is still sitting on my coffee table. Next week for sure.

      You are who suggested I read Elantris (I’ll link to you when I read/review it)!

  17. Tara! I’m lame. I forgot you had a book blog! I voted for Interview With a Vampire, because it’s the only one I’ve remotely heard of, lol. I’m not really up on my vampire literature 🙂

  18. I voted for Bitten & Smitten… Anyone of them though would be a great read no doubt!!!


  19. Def Elantris .You gotta branch out abit .

    • I really do! I tend to get into a genre and only want to read similar books. Thank you for voting!

      I’m hoping to read Elantris within the next two weeks regardless if it wins. Hopefully I’ll have time 🙂

  20. Anne Rice’s book is a classic; you have to read it just to know what people are talking about.

    • I know! I feel like I’m going to have a lot of “that’s what they were referring to!!” moments while reading it 🙂

      Thanks for voting!

  21. I chose Bitten and Smitten. I just finished the Twilight series, so I guess I am just sticking with the theme:) Thanks for the giveaway

    • Thank you!!

      If you are wanting to read more in the vampire genre, I’d highly recommend the Southern Vampire series or the Night Huntress series 🙂

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  23. Nice subject area that you have chosen.

  24. […] My Giveaways Enter to win the Don't Panic Prize Pack!! Vote for what I should read next and enter to win an Amazon gift card! […]

  25. I voted for Bitten & Smitten only because I haven’t read any of those books, and this one has the catchiest title 🙂

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