FreeVerse {6} Bukowski

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I went to the library last week and picked a few Bukowski books. Can I just say now how much I’m falling in love with is work?! I’m sorry to post the same author twice in a row 🙂

oh, yes

there are worse things than

being alone

but it often takes decades

to realize this

and most often

when you do

it’s too late

and there’s nothing worse


too late.

twilight musings

the drifting of the mind

the slow loss, the leaking away.

one’s demise is not very interesting.

from my bed I watch 3 birds through the east window:

one coal black, one dark brown, the

other yellow.

as night falls I watch the red lights on the bridge blink on and off.

I am stretched out in bed with the covers up to my chin.

I have no idea who won at the racetrack today.

I must go back into the hospital tomorrow.

why me?

why not?

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6 Responses

  1. That first poem is so true. One of the things I learned from my best friend’s divorce is that it’s much better to be lonely and single than lonely and married.

  2. I really love the first one … it has such a truthfulness to it yet is so simple and so “obvious” once you read it.

  3. I like both poems– but am sad that in the first one, Bukowski thinks that it can be “too late” for anything :-(.

  4. I like both. I am going to check out Bukowski. I have only read few random poems by him.

    sleeping dreams

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