Newest Sookie Book Cover!!

I came across the book cover for the 10th book in the Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire) book, Dead in the Family!! Between falling in love with True Blood and this, I can barely contain my excitement for the next book…. too bad it’s not coming out until May 4, 2010…


The Vampire Diaries – Awakening (1st Attempt)

I tried starting The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening by L. J. Smith last night and couldn’t get more than a few pages in. I LOVE the TV series based on the series and could not believe how different the main characters were in the book. I know this is to be expected and to be honest if I had read the book first it might not have bothered me. However, I like what they have done with TV characters’ personalities. Elena in the book seemed so shallow (granted I only read the first chapter…). I plan on waiting to try to read it again after this season is over on the WB.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Fledgling by Octavia Butler {review}

feldgling table

review_butler_fledglingI am very glad that I stuck with this book… I’m just not sure how to review it without giving too much away…

Fledgling by Octavia Butler tells the story of Shori. The book begins with Shori waking up in the woods in extreme pain with no memory whatsoever. She doesn’t who, what, or where she is. She appears to be a little black girl of maybe 10, however, Shori is a fifty-three-year-old vampire. A lost child of an ancient species living in symbiosis with humans. Shori is genetically modified, the first of her species to be able to not only be awake during the day but also able to walk in the sun. She is able to do this in part because she is one of the first black vampires.

I think a lot of the magic of the book, specially in the beginning is that you are learning along with Shori. So I don’t want to give too much away. I will say that I think you have to have an open mind when you read this. The story jumps into racism, family, free-will, polyamorous relationships, genetic engineering, sex, and pride. The author created a whole new vampire. I love her take on the mythology. It was different, but it worked. It was one of the most realistic versions of the lore I’ve read.

I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I should write about the part of the book that bothered me in the beginning. I wanted to tell you something that would make it not seem so bad, but I think it’s supposed to bother you. So all I’ll say is don’t give up on it. It may weird you out at first, but it will be ok.

I do highly recommend this book and not just to those who like the paranormal genre. I think that this is more sci-fi/science based than fantasy. And at the bottom of everything it’s really about people and how they treat and think of others.

* Counts towards my 101 Books Challenge

Dark Lover – JR Ward {Review)

dark lover tabledarkloverI am finally getting this review up!! I love vampires. That’s no secret. I had been meaning to start JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series for a while, but it seemed like my local B&N was always out of the first in the series. With Halloween approaching and vampire books everywhere (I love this time of year!) I was finally able to get the first two books in the series. I’m glad I did!!

Dark Lover introduces us to the BDB, a group of warrior vampires whose job is to protect the remaining members of their society from the Lessers, soulless human vampire hunters. If you like a tortured hero, you’ll love this! The first in the series tells the story of Beth, a half-human/half-vampire that doesn’t know she’s about to transition and gets pulled into a battle she didn’t know existed. She is a strong female lead without being overpowering or annoying.

The main brother in the story is Wrath, the only remaining purebred vampire and leader of the BDB. He reluctantly agrees to help Beth with her transition after her father and his close friend is killed.

The book is full of romance, heat, tension, mystery and thrills. The author does a fabulous job at bringing you into this dark world without it being confusing. I would recommend this do those who love a hot paranormal read. I’m hoping to start the second in the series, Lover Eternal later this month.

* This was read during the 24hr Dewey Read-a-Thon and counts towards my 101 Books Challenge.

{Book Review} Intertwined by Gena Showalter

Intertwined table

intertwined I told myself no more starting series that haven’t been finished. I HATE not knowing how a story ends… I didn’t realize that Intertwined by Gena Showalter was the beginning of a series. That’s what I get for not doing my research prior to picking up a book…

Aden Stone may seem like your normal schizophrenic trouble maker, however, the voices in his head are much more than figments of his imagination. Aden shares his body with four spirits that each bring something strange to the table. One sees the future – often the death of those around him. One raises the dead. One allows Aden to posses others. One can take Aden to past versions of himself often altering the future as he knows it. As terrible as sharing your head may sound, Aden has come to love these spirits and wants to help them find their own lives. He hasn’t known anything different. That is until he meets Mary Anne. She somehow quiets the voices, allowing him the peace he only dreamed of. That peace doesn’t last long, however, somehow him meeting Mary Anne is bringing the paranormal world out of hiding to find him.

I started this book at 7am the morning of the Read-a-Thon. I am not by any means a morning person so that may very well account for why it was so hard for me to get into the story. I felt like it was slow to start, but once it got going I couldn’t put it down. The added paranormal world definitely grabbed my attention. The characters became more well rounded and the more I learned about them the more I wanted to know. The only thing I didn’t like about the book was how rushed the end felt.  Overall, I liked the book and I will be reading the next one when it comes out. I’d recommend borrowing or checking this book out… I’m not sure if I can say “go out and buy it!”… maybe after the next one…


I heard about this book from Blogs with Bite. So here are my answers to their discussion questions: May contain minor spoilers!!

#1  Do you feel the ending was cut short and needed more to be resolved before the book ended? I felt that it was rushed, but not necessarily that there needed to be more resolved. I felt almost like too much was resolved too quickly… if that makes sense…

#2 Regarding Question #1, what are your thoughts on series books? I love series books! I hate waiting to find out what happens next… but with series you get to know the characters and their world much better.

#3 Which “trapped” soul was your favorite and do you see potential in the future story lines with the remaining three? My favorite was probably Elijah. Although all the souls cared about Aden, he seemed the closest to him. I think Caleb will have the most interesting back story… but you never know 🙂 I’m really looking forward to seeing how they find out who the souls are and how they grant their dying wishes.

#4  When a larger-than-life character such as Vlad Tepes aka Dracula is used as a side-plot character do you believe it gives the story a more factual base, or makes it less real? I think it makes it more “real” or connects it with stories you may have read in the past. A character like Dracula in particular, that was based on a real man, helps bring the story into our world.

#5 What did you think of the side plot involving Tucker and Penny?  Do you think the issues from that plot were adequately resolved? I think it helped build Mary Anne’s character. We get to see how she deals with betrayal and she loses those that were close to her. I’m interested to see what happens with Penny and the child. Will it be a demon? Will Mary Anne tell her?

#6 What is your best guess as to what Aden Stone’s superpower is – the power he possess without his souls? I honestly have no idea. He seems to draw magical energy to him. I’m sure the fact that him and Mary Anne were born in the same place at the same time will play a big role in finding out what their powers are.

* read during 24 Hour Read-a-Thon

* counted towards 101 Books Challenge

* “I” book for A-Z Books Challenge

Dead Until Dark

Originally posted Sept 1, 2009

Rating ****

So I told myself no more vampire books until I finished a book from another genre. However, I had already purchased the first of the Sookie Stackhouse series, Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris. Finally I gave in and read it. I loved it! It took me a little bit to get into it due mostly to the fact that I’ve seen the first couple episodes of True Blood (an HBO series based on the books). I kept thinking I knew what was happening.

Dead Until Dark introduces us to Sookie, a cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana who has a disability… she can read minds. While working one night a vampire comes into the bar. He’s the first in their small town. See in Harris’ world vampires are acknowledged as real and have legal rights. Usually that doesn’t work for me, but I liked it here. Sookie is drawn to the vampire not just because he’s extremely attractive, but she can’t hear his mind.

Not all is well in Bon Temps though, soon women who have associated with vampires turn up strangled. The book is mostly a mystery with a side of paranormal and romance (although I’d call it PG13). Once I got a little into the book I couldn’t put it down. I’d recommend this if you like paranormal OR if you like a good mystery. I’ll probably start the second book tonight because I already have it 🙂 I believe there are currently 9 books in the series with a 10th coming out May of next year… and I usually hate getting into series that aren’t finished, but the first book didn’t end with a big cliffhanger so let’s hope the others don’t too.