Dark Lover – JR Ward {Review)

dark lover tabledarkloverI am finally getting this review up!! I love vampires. That’s no secret. I had been meaning to start JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series for a while, but it seemed like my local B&N was always out of the first in the series. With Halloween approaching and vampire books everywhere (I love this time of year!) I was finally able to get the first two books in the series. I’m glad I did!!

Dark Lover introduces us to the BDB, a group of warrior vampires whose job is to protect the remaining members of their society from the Lessers, soulless human vampire hunters. If you like a tortured hero, you’ll love this! The first in the series tells the story of Beth, a half-human/half-vampire that doesn’t know she’s about to transition and gets pulled into a battle she didn’t know existed. She is a strong female lead without being overpowering or annoying.

The main brother in the story is Wrath, the only remaining purebred vampire and leader of the BDB. He reluctantly agrees to help Beth with her transition after her father and his close friend is killed.

The book is full of romance, heat, tension, mystery and thrills. The author does a fabulous job at bringing you into this dark world without it being confusing. I would recommend this do those who love a hot paranormal read. I’m hoping to start the second in the series, Lover Eternal later this month.

* This was read during the 24hr Dewey Read-a-Thon and counts towards my 101 Books Challenge.