Custom Header & Button Giveaway!!

Want to start the new year with a fresh look?

All you have to do is leave me a comment and you’ll be entered to win a custom header and button for your blog. I’ve made the headers for all of my blogs and some fellow bloggers as well as buttons for Ooh Book’s FreeVerse & Opening Passages, Story Siren’s Debut Author Challenge, and more! To see some examples of my work head over to!!

More Info

  • entry points
    • +1 for commenting on the post (required)
    • +1 for tweeting about the contest
    • +3 for blogging about it (must leave comment with link)
  • prize includes the design only
    • if you want to me to use stock images that cost me extra I will ask you pay only what it costs me
    • winner may choose between custom header and matching badge OR a button for a challenge, contest, etc.
  • contest will be open until midnight on Dec 31st, 2009

16 Responses

  1. OH Pllllllllllease let me win
    I don’t even have a proper header at the moment 😦

  2. And about to twitter 🙂

  3. Me! Me! Me! 🙂 I have four semi-active blogs and all of them need some sort of makeover: if I were to win I’d point to you a malaysian abroad, I think, it’s in most need of a better-looking header: would you like to have fun with a world map; the US, Malaysian and Swiss flags; and/or iconic landmarks of the three countries? 🙂

  4. btw here’s entry #2:

    and entry #3 (my Tweet #944):


  5. Oh please let me win! It’s my birthday at the end of Dec and I can’t think of a better present. I’m off to tweet and blog!

  6. id love to win!

  7. […] My Giveaways Enter to win a free custom designed header & badge for your blog!! […]

  8. […] My Giveaways Enter to win a free custom designed header & badge for your blog!! […]

  9. I would love to win this contest!

    Posted on Twitter:
    Custom Header & Button Giveaway – Customize your blog.

  10. Oohhh I want in. I’ve been looking for a new banner for my site. 😛

    I RT’d it on Twitter, does that count?

  11. […] My Giveaways Enter to win a free custom designed header & badge for your blog!! […]

  12. ME TOO!!!! I’m glad I read your comments.

  13. Денис Демидов Москва– харизматичный тамада на Вашу Идеальную Свадьбу!
    Здравствуйте, меня зовут Денис.
    На сегодняшний день мой опыт работы в сфере развлечений более 10 лет.
    Первые мероприятия банкетного типа, начал вести лет 8 назад, работая сессионным ведущим в крупном развлекательном комплексе. Там же, начал писать сценарии вечеринок.

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